Capturing Holiday Magic Across Our Studios!

Kitchen: Natural Haven

Our recently revamped Kitchen studio is ready to embrace the holiday spirit with the Natural Haven setup. Combining the warmth of a cozy living room with the organic aesthetics of a modern kitchen, this setup boasts a large green Christmas tree, wooden ornaments, and an inviting ambiance for intimate family moments.

Learn more about the Natural Haven decor setup here.

Nest: Snowy Chic

Immerse yourself in the Snowy Chic charm of our Nest studio, where elegance meets coziness. With an all-white holiday theme, a captivating mantle centrepiece, and the irresistible allure of a modern Boucle sofa, Nest becomes the perfect backdrop for heartwarming family sessions and captivating branding shoots.

Learn more about the Snowy Chic decor setup here.

White Loft: Chateau Noel

Inspired by sophisticated elegance with a nostalgic twist, White Loft’s Chateau Noel decor setup by @bettencourtmanor features brown limewashed walls, a fireplace mantel, meticulously custom-designed gifts and stockings, the plush embrace of a cream velvet sofa, and a dazzling evergreen Christmas tree bedecked with both modern and timeless ornaments, candles and fringe.

Learn more about the Chateau Noel decor setup here.

Salon: Twinkle Star

Our beloved living room studio is about to undergo a magical transformation into the enchanting “Twinkling Star” setup, all thanks to the creative touch of Katya from Caprice Decor. The space will be brought to life with playful oversized star lanterns, infusing it with an air of delight, yet maintaining a serene colour palette of dusty blues and calming greys.

Learn more about the Twinkle Star decor setup here.

Ballroom: Modern Tartan

Modern Tartan is a holiday setup that blends nostalgia with a contemporary twist. This holiday installation embraces the cozy and contemporary, offering a fresh twist on tradition. The calming pattern of deep blues and greens sets the backdrop for a festive atmosphere, adding dimension and contrast to the entire space.

Learn more about the Modern Tartan decor setup here.

West Side: Candy Reds

Welcome to ‘Candy Reds’ in our West Side studio, where the holiday magic comes alive in red and gold hues. Imagine stepping into a world of oversized red and white candies and lollipops, creating a playful atmosphere.

Learn more about the Candy Reds decor setup here.

East Side: North Tale

After the huge success of last year’s “Floating Wish”, we’ve been flooded with messages asking for its return this holiday season. So, in this year’s iteration of “North Tale,” we’re bringing back some of the elements that stole hearts last year – with a twist.

Learn more about the North Tale decor setup here.

Solarium: Festive Pinks

Festive Pinks is all about funky holiday vibes and trendy colours. With shades of pastel pinks, fuchsia and deeper berry tones it created a depth while still maintaining the same colour palette that is just irresistible!

Learn more about the Festive Pinks decor setup here.

Lounge: Minimalist Merry

Introducing a fresh twist on holiday magic! Our Lounge studio is getting its first-ever holiday setup this year, thanks to Wassal Seddiqi from Petals and Pearls 🤍

Learn more about the Minimalist Merry decor setup here.

Conservatory: Festive Parlour

Step into the sophisticated world of Festive Parlour in our Conservatory studio. Adorned with opulent decor and an elegant silver metallic palette, this setup boasts a plush wide velvet modular sofa, grand Christmas trees, and chic accents that exude timeless grandeur.

Learn more about the Festive Parlour decor setup here.

Library: Velvet Noel

Rich and dramatic hues will create an enchanting atmosphere of luxury and warmth. The walls will be elegantly repainted in a deep blueberry tone, setting the stage for the most dramatic setup of the season.

Learn more about the Velvet Noel decor setup here.

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