East Side Studio

modern New York loft style studio with cement details

West Side Studio

New York style loft living room featuring lime wash arch



New York Loft style studio with white cyclorama

About Preto Loft

Welcome to Preto Loft, the latest creative space from the team behind Mint Room Studios. Located in a historical building on Sterling Road in the Junction district of Toronto, across from destinations such as MOCA Museum. Preto Loft is over 3000 square feet of studio space with 3 large studio rooms, centred in the heart of one of Toronto’s most creative hubs.

Building on what we’ve seen created and hosted over the years at Mint Room, this time, we dreamt up a space that could accommodate both photoshoots and creative productions, but also extend to events and happenings on a larger scale. Thoughtfully executed and planned with insight from Toronto’s top decorators, photographers, designers and event planners, Preto Loft is the ultimate downtown destination for media previews, workshops, pop-up events, intimate celebrations, new collection launches and more.

Preto Loft is made up of three different but complementary studio rooms – East Side, West Side and Solarium. East and West Side can be combined to create one large event space perfect for large productions and intimate ceremonies. With 17 foot tall ceilings, large factory windows, exposed metal trusses, light oak herringbone style floors and textured walls, the venue embodies a quintessential modern loft, with refined and fashion-forward decor accents. As with Mint Room, all rooms (and common areas) come with a selection of carefully-curated furniture pieces and props, to further elevate the spaces. This selection includes modern sofas and chairs, timeless artwork, and a major prerequisite of any downtown loft: plants and greenery. An unobstructed South-facing view allows for consistent, natural light at all times of the day.

The East Side Studio features an oversized standing cement arch wall that extends all the way up to the ceilings. An all-grey palette and original industrial loft windows further encapsulate the feeling of a true authentic hard loft.

The West Side puts an elegant, modern spin on this aesthetic, elevating the industrial feel with a large limewash accent arch, a lighter palette and furniture straight out of a Soho apartment in New York City.

The Solarium is our newest studio space featuring white floors, a staircase, and a stunning natural-coloured fresco wall accented by floor-length curtains that move across the room.

In addition to the studios themselves, Preto Loft also features a service kitchen that is located in a separate area from the studio rooms, allowing for out-of-sight event catering that can happen on the premises, a unique detail we had found missing amongst other Toronto studio spaces.

The studio also features three velvet-curtained change rooms and a three-seat hair and makeup station, allowing for photoshoot, event changes and hair and makeup prep on the premises.

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Decor Set-ups

check out all of the current decor installations happening in our studios

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Decor Set-ups

check out all of the current decor installations happening in our studios

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Mint Room is a social hub to meet people with similar ideas and interests, host workshops and ultimately to gather our community together around photography.

Our vision for Mint Room extends beyond a rental studio as we continue to build a community of people who love photography just as much as we do.

We want to strengthen the Canadian photography community by bringing everyone together into one hub to collaborate, exchange ideas, learn and teach. You can be an aspiring photographer who wants to master their skills in a natural light studio setting or a mom with a semi-professional camera doing a family photoshoot. Our goal is to make our studio accessible to anyone who is looking for a place to express themselves and have fun doing it!

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Looking to feel inspired? Find more inspiration read about our decor set-ups and trending news in photography on our Blog.

Our blog


When our clients are looking for a location with more than one unique space to capture their photos, we recommend Mint Room. The attention to detail in each room goes a long way in our photos that we capture for engagement sessions. Will definitely continue to recommend to our clients.

— Memories Media

Everything a photographer could dream of. Lots of windows, beautiful light coloured floors, textured walls, white “fireplaces” the coolest props and furniture. Easy booking system. You clients will be “wowed” when they walk in! There is nothing quite like that in Toronto

— Julia Park

Did some great work here. The rooms were excellent. Tons of space. Great natural lighting and props. Created a lot of greatness here.
Looking forward to going back and shooting more!

— Shaka Lee

Best studios ever! Very professional staff, beautiful rooms, clean and all with gorgeous daylight, even when it’s gloomy outside! Never had bad shoot there! Parking isn’t the best but I’m there very often and trust me, it’s not a big deal to walk 1min or usually less 🙂 Love that they keep always upgrading so you or your clients can’t get bored. Love all their spaces.

— Wioletta Suska

Mint Room exceeded me and my husband’s expectation!! We shot our wedding day photoshoot in the library studio room and it was everything we would’ve wanted. More so the studio staff was super friendly and the whole process of checking in and out was simple!

— Ward Surour

I attended mint studio for an event and also had a photoshoot there. It is truly a gem in the city! The staff are always nice and every room has its own character. I love it and will come back again! Highly recommend.

— Eve Rascanu

Best studio in Toronto. Staff is very friendly, studio decorations are always incredible. I work in a few other studios in Toronto, but this one is my favorite one.

— Anna Tumarkina

I love this place! Amazing studios that have natural light and perfect for photos. Some rooms seem to be signature rooms in that, the decor doesn’t change, but there are other rooms that seem to change theme and decor. That makes this place special. I’ve taken photos here two years in a row and have witnessed the room decor changes. I’ll always come here!

— T.M. Younge

Very cool studio on the west side of town. They have a bunch of different rooms spread out on two floors, each room has a different theme. The space has all the basics to set up for tour shoot. It is very clean and well set up. Best photo studio I have been to in Toronto so far!

— Tamara Balazsovits

Such a beautiful space! We rented it for Holiday photos and the natural lighting through the windows was perfection! The photos were beautiful right off the camera without any editing. Lots of variety in the rooms. Highly recommended.

— Ngoc Nguyen

Mint Room is by far, the best photography studio in all of the GTA. The light in their studios is dreamy and each room is designed to highlight their unique and thoughtful set-ups. 10/10 would recommend!

— Deandra Olivieri

Great Space! This was the second time we used Mint Room for our clothing brand. The rooms are bright, modern, well kept and updated often. The furniture is timeless and photographs amazing! The staff was kind and not intrusive at all (they respected the privacy of our shoot and I felt at home in the studio).

— Slate Pearl

We shot at Mint Room Studios recently and absolutely loved it! We stayed there a half day, and used two spaces (Lounge & Conservatory). All of the studios are stunning, decorated with a lot of taste, and we are so happy that, as photographers, you can FINALLY rent such beautiful spaces easily.
Team was also very nice, helpful & accomodating. We are going back next week and will be back some more after that! Thanks guys!

— Juliette Capdevielle

Pretty awesome set up: different rooms with different themes and decor to fit many photoshoot ideas! Large windows allow a lot of natural light through which makes a huge difference in how photos eventually turn out. Thumbs up! Overall experience from booking to completing our family photoshoot was great! Recommended Mint Room to few of my friends already!

— Anna Vlasova

East Side

Experience the East Side Studio, a stunning monochromatic grey studio space with an oversized cement arch, large factory windows and New York loft inspired details. Need more space for a big event? The merge the East Side with our West Side Studio for over 2000 square feet of space perfect for intimate ceremonies, private events, product launches and larger productions.

Grey monochromatic large 10 x 9 foot cement arch.

Exposed metal trusses and light oak herringbone floors. 

Original exposed brick wall with 2 oversized factory windows facing South. 

Motorized light-diffusing blinds and blackout curtains on each window.

Beautiful velvet curtains in indigo, mauve and grey-blue colours.

East Side Studio
East Side Studio

West Side

Step into the epitome of a New York Soho Loft, here in Toronto. With pristine bright walls and ceilings, outfitted with modern furniture, timeless decor accents and a stunning lime washed arch this space is the ultimate canvas for creative projects. Need more space to host an event? Rent out the adjoining East Side Studio for over 2000 square feet of space ideal for intimate ceremonies, private events, product launches and larger productions. 

Outfitted with modern Soho inspired loft decor. 

Large 10 foot tall bone limewash arch.

Original exposed brick wall with 2 oversized factory windows facing South. 

Chantilly lace wall colour with grand wainscotting details from floor to ceiling.

Motorized light-diffusing blinds and blackout curtains on each window.


Step into the Solarium, the newest addition to Preto Loft. New York loft-style windows are highlighted with a space inspired by light minimalistic tones, natural textures and soft fabrics with bright white floors and ceilings contrasting black ceiling trusses and window mullions.  The room is filled with bright natural light throughout the entire day, from sunrise to sunset due to its South-facing windows this space is ideal for any number of creative projects, including editorial and commercial photography as well as family and maternity sessions. 

Dreamy cyclorama against the back wall—the perfect white backdrop in a naturally bright place.

A beautiful white podium with curtains on both sides that can be moved to cover the cyclorama or used as a backdrop against the creamy textured wall.

A white bench that can be used for standing against the large New York-style windows.