Submission Page for Mint Room Studios Blog

We would love to feature your story on our blog. You can share your article via our submission form. Please be very descriptive, and provide as much info as you can, that will increase the chance of accepting your article to be featured on our blog.

Important points to touch on:

  • Name for the shoot (Could be incorporated with the title of your article)
  • Type of the shoot (Somewhere in the body of the article)
  • An inspiration for the project (can refer to other resources, sample photos, drawings)
  • Duration of the shoot (start and end time)
  • Which studio was used (mention a few things about the studio used, lighting during different times of day, or how weather outside affected your lighting natural lighting)
  • Where there any challenges to over come?
  • Please provide technical information (camera settings, strobe settings, reflector setup)
  • Conclude with final thoughts, describe the outcome

Things to include with your article:

  • Final photos from the project sent in the folder (not less than 2000px on a long side; must be .jpg, .jpeg, or .png; maximum file size 1MB, would have to be submitted over the transfer link)
  • Author’s headshot (.jpg, .jpeg, or .png; maximum file size 1MB), business name, link to the website, contact information
  • If there is a behind the scenes video, please include the link to it
  • If vendors are involved, provide names, links to the website or Instagram names for credits


Please note, not all of the submissions will be chosen to be published.

We are considering blog submissions only for Mint Room Studio clients.