Art of Minimalist Merry

in Our Lounge Studio

The result? A space that exudes reductive, monochromatic elegance while remaining delightfully uncomplicated. This holiday season, we invite you to embrace the beauty of simplicity.

To add a touch of tactile charm and offer you more creative possibilities, we’ll be hanging beautifully draped fabrics throughout the space. These drapes not only infuse a sense of coziness but also invite you to play with perspectives and dimensions, making your holiday photoshoots truly unique.

The Minimalist Merry setup in our Lounge studio is not just a holiday backdrop; it’s an experience designed to awaken your creativity. Whether you’re planning a family photoshoot, a branding session, or simply want to capture the essence of the season, this setup offers the perfect canvas.

With its minimalist yet warm aesthetic, Minimalist Merry allows you to shine in your unique way. The understated elegance of the decor complements your vision, allowing your subject or theme to take centre stage.

Minimalist Merry will be available in our Lounge studio from October 5th to January 2nd, 2024. It’s the perfect opportunity to infuse your holiday photography or content creation with a touch of modern elegance.

As you plan your holiday-themed shoots, keep in mind that this setup promises an inviting backdrop, an exploration of minimalist design, and the freedom to craft your narrative.

Join us in experiencing the essence of Minimalist Merriment at Mint Room Studios’ Lounge studio. Step into a world where simplicity meets sophistication, and let your creative visions come to life against a backdrop of warmth and elegance.

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