Mint Room is a unique and diverse studio. I love shooting my boudoir clients there. The staff is always friendly, helpful, and give fast responses. The facilities are always clean, and the studios are in perfect shape every time. My clients love coming in and getting the glamorous experience that is Mint Room Studios.

Mint Room Client
Samantha Kidd

We shot at Mint Room Studios recently and absolutely loved it! We stayed there a half day, and used two spaces (Lounge & Conservatory). All of the studios are stunning, decorated with a lot of taste, and we are so happy that, as photographers, you can FINALLY rent such beautiful spaces easily.
Team was also very nice, helpful & accomodating. We are going back next week and will be back some more after that! Thanks guys!

Mintroom Client
Juliette Capdevielle

I shot twice at Mintroom. This is by FAR my favourite studio. Its sooooooo uniquely beautiful. Every detail of this space is just jaw-dropping..From the gold door handles to the bows on the wall. Not to mention it has THE best lighting. Every room feels like a completely different space. A studio thats really perfect for any occasion! Highly recommend it 🙂

Mint Room Review
Jennifer Evoy

Love shooting at this studio! The amount of natural light that comes into the space translates well in the photos and can be fun to play with. Each room offers something unique, yet versatile enough to bring your creative ideas to life.

Mint room revew
Julia Park

The facilities at Mint Room can accommodate several varieties of shooting scenarios, both in the photo and video world. I’ve had the pleasure of using every one of the four unique rooms available at Mint Room, each offering their flavour of decor and natural lighting. The simplicity of the workflow was delightful, and I found the overall vibe to be very creatively inspiring. If you need assistance with anything, they have an excellent staff on hand with a vast knowledge of the photographic landscape. I recommend you check out the Mint Room for your next project.

Blayre Ellestad