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Natural Elegance Styled Shoot

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Simplicity peaks during this time of year with bare trees, exposed wood, and wintergreen foliage. This natural hibernal essence was captured through the lush greenery-filled tablescape and textured stationery that filled the bright Conservatory space. This outdoor-styled shoot brought hints of stone, wood, and foliage into complete perfection as our studio transformed into the perfect cozy getaway.

The natural-earthy toned colour scheme contrasted perfectly against the bright white walls in the studio. The muse in her majestic, floral wedding gown glistened in the light of the afternoon sun manifested through our studio’s windows. The scaping foliage fell magically on top of the mantle making for the perfect backdrop for the simple dining scene.

The earthy wood decor of the long dining table created the most welcoming spirit in the space. The gold accents and neutral tones displayed along the table allowed this rustic wedding dream to come to life. Our favourite part of the display was the delicate desserts decorated with dried fruit and gold accents that surrounded the table.

There’s nothing cozier than wood accents and lush foliage, and we were excited to have this homey styled-decor showcased in our studio. We adored how this natural and elegant styled shoot brought outdoor life into the studio and completely transformed the space. Thank you to the incredible team that put together this shoot; we were honoured to be chosen to hold this beautiful decor and shoot in our studio space.

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