Spring into Action

Seasonal Decor Installations at Mint Room Studios & Preto Loft

Spring has arrived, and we are excited to celebrate the changing seasons and holidays in a way that encapsulates our favourite parts of each season. With our spring era in full swing, our studios have bloomed with beautiful seasonal installations and themes that are perfect for capturing the essence of Spring to help celebrate anything from warmer days to Easter and Mother’s Day.

Helping us transition out of a moody winter season is the Serene Winter in the Sanctuary studio until May 15th. The setup features an oversized cascading centrepiece making it a visually striking focal point, perfect for posing in front of for photos. The calming beauty of white florals, paired with a warm glow of candles around the bathtub create an overall minimalistic and uncluttered vibe to elevate our dreamy Sanctuary.

Our Easter Playground hopped into the Conservatory next for some family fun! This playful setup is perfect for families with little ones looking for an immersive photo shoot experience. The colourful decor and Easter-themed props create a joyful atmosphere that’s perfect for capturing those precious family moments.

The Ballroom studio is almost ready to bloom, with Blush Flora beginning on March 27th, just in time for Mother’s Day. In collaboration with Caprice Decor, we are working to have the setup highlight the beauty of mothers, reflecting their simplicity and elegance while capturing their strength and grace.

With Mint Room’s studios having all the spring fun, we’ve decided to bring some lush beauty to Preto Loft as well. The Moonlight Garden has come to life in the East Side, transporting you to a magical garden under the moonlight. The beautiful floral arrangement and whimsical lighting make for the perfect backdrop for any photoshoot.

While our Floral Escape bloomed early this year in the West Side, we’ve said goodbye to make room for our new Rustic Spring setup. Step into a serene, farm-inspired paradise with natural elements such as hay stacks, dried grass, and wicker baskets to tie in the rustic charm.

But that’s not all – we can barely contain our excitement about some upcoming happenings in-studio soon. One of these being our exclusive setup in our Solarium from April 1st to April 4th in collaboration with Blush and Bloom. This is a must-visit for anyone looking for maternity, editorial, solo portraits, weddings or any campaign shoots seeking a romantic, lush & modern look! And don’t worry – we still have some availability on the 3rd and 4th, so be sure to book your spot before it’s too late!

Come and experience our seasonal installations in full bloom for yourself. Whether you’re celebrating Mother’s Day, Easter, or just the beauty of spring, we’ve got something for everyone. Book now and let’s make some memories together!

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