Table Setup

Charlie’s Café

Floral French Café Themed Birthday Party

Table Setup

Johanna Leigh of Johanna Leigh Weddings and Events was not shy when bringing out her robust set of skills to create a space that combined the perfect amount of wanderlust and nostalgia, creating Charlie’s Café.

A place that might feel familiar to you in a past life where you lived in Paris as a child drinking cocoa cappuccinos in a brightly lit café, Charlie’s Café is a children’s concept party space inspired by Leigh’s own childhood.

In Leigh’s words, she states, We were working with a bright white blank canvas with a gorgeous arched alcove. This alcove was so beautiful and minimalist, I thought a kids party would look oh so elegant in front of this beautiful backdrop! The question was, how could we jazz up this space? Reflecting back on childhood memories, that gorgeous vintage floral wallpaper in my bedroom brought back soothing and happy memories. Mom always took me to the coffee shop, which triggered the thought—who needs tea, when you can have a cocoa cappuccino! Charlie’s Café was born.

Leigh’s youthful inspiration definitely shows in the conceptualized café space, where a small station with a children’s Burberry dress hangs a little right from the dining table and right beside it, a pair of ballet flats sitting upright on a chair, reminding us of the times where our parents would lay out our outfits for us for the upcoming day (if only it was that easy nowadays).

We also have to praise Leigh’s attention to detail with the vintage floral wallpaper theme, which not only is seen in the alcove, but in the floor vinyl and table placemats as well. Outlining this alcove, two balloon arches stand with complimenting gold, peach, blush-pink and white balloons with rose embellishments. And what’s being served for the party, you ask? Papa’s pepperoni and cheese pizza, grandma’s glorious birthday cake and glazed donuts with chocolate milk, topped off with whipped cream. As if this birthday party couldn’t get any better.

Au Revoir, Charlie’s Café, it was truly a pleasure!

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