Terms & Conditions



Mint Room Studios has MULTIPLE STUDIOS on different floors

Please ensure to check in at our main reception in unit 300 to gain access to your reserved studio.

The person who made the reservation must check in and is responsible for all of their guests signing our Liability Waiver on-site or through the link attached.

  • Unit 300 has our Ballroom, Conservatory, Lounge, and Library studios.
  • Unit 301 has our Salon, Kitchen and Sanctuary studios.
  • Unit 212 has our White Loft and Nest Studio studios.

Address: 300 Campbell Ave, Unit 300, Toronto, M6P 3V6

Phone: (647) 977-2793

*If your booking is at the Preto Loft, this is our sister studio located at 213 Sterling Rd. Please ensure all guests are aware of the correct studios and address to save check-in time upon arrival.

Our Mint Room freight elevator is for equipment only and must be operated by a studio attendant. Please give us a call once you arrive for our team to assist you. We do suggest calling in the morning to ensure the elevator is operating. As a request, please email us or contact us at least 24 hours prior to your photoshoot.

Please bring your credit card to your booking to collect a $300 pre-authorized hold as a damage deposit which must be paid prior to your session.
The deposit will be released next day, however may take between 2-5 business days to process by your bank.
If you are bringing a pet please communicate with your clients that there is a $50 charge and the deposit must be collected prior to access to the studio. The booker is responsible for the deposit, and pet charge, along with damages and occupying the studio.

Your access to the studio room ends at the booking end time.  For automated bookings, overtime is collected from your deposit after 15 minutes of studio occupancy in 30-minute increments.

We are enforcing the studio capacity per room, per booking. Please confirm your studio capacity on each web page under “Capacity.” To discuss capacity increase options and availability, please contact us directly via email at: [email protected]

The guest renting the studio is responsible for observing these guidelines as our Client. We appreciate your cooperation in observing these rules. We ask that everyone respects the space and leaves the rooms clean and tidy in order to avoid additional fees.

The guest renting the studio is responsible for observing these guidelines below.

We appreciate your cooperation in observing these rules. We ask that everyone respects the space and leaves the rooms clean and on time in order to avoid additional cleaning fees.


Please note that all common areas are under video surveillance to ensure all of our safety and security as well as all studio policies are being met.

  1. Check-in with a studio manager when you arrive in unit 300. It is mandatory to have an adult in each booking party sign the Liability Form once you arrive.
  2. Our studio carries an indoor shoe policy.We ask that all outdoor shoes be removed upon entering the studios. Indoor shoes are welcome to be worn within the studios. Should we not have indoor shoes we can provide shoe covers or wipes.
  3. Once a booking is made, the payment is final and there will be no refunds in case of cancellations. Only studio credit will be provided if the booking is cancelled with more than 24 hours’ notice from your booking time. If cancelling within 24 hours, no refund or studio credit will be provided unless there are extenuating circumstances and cancellation is made prior to 8 pm the evening before (one-time only exception).
  4. Our reception staff will visit the studio room 5-10 minutes prior to the end of your booking to ensure that the room is left in its original condition. If there are any damages to the floor, furniture, or equipment, you will be asked to reimburse the cost of the damage. If the room is left untidy, you will be charged a $100 cleaning fee and up to $300 furniture cleaning fee
  5. The individual who booked the session must be the last person to leave as they are held responsible for the condition in which the room has been left.
  6. All garbage brought into the studio room must be cleaned by the end of your booking. There will be garbage bins in each room as well as the common area. If there is garbage left behind, you will be charged a $100 cleaning fee.
  7. Pets are subject to a $50+hst fee taken from $300 security deposit, which needs to be arranged prior to gaining access to the booking.
  8. The remote-controlled diffuser blinds and black-out blinds must be adjusted by a studio attendant. It would be unsafe to tape/adjust/alter the blinds by hand.
  9. Please keep the noise level to a reasonable volume, including any use of music. Music played in the studio must not contain any explicit content
  10. Please do not use furniture from another room or move furniture out of the studio space. If furniture has been moved you will be invoiced for $50 per item removed for a furniture rental.
  11. Please do not use any of the rooms you are not renting. If you would like a tour of other studio rooms, kindly ask our reception staff and they will be happy to assist you.
  12. If you or your team require V Flats please use them with proper care to avoid Vflat damage or wall damage. If the V Flat is damaged after use, you will be subject to a replacement fee of $200.
  13. Renters are not permitted behind the reception area or in any areas marked “staff only”.
  14. All items must be brought into the studio rooms you are renting.  Please note we are not able to watch the items left in the common area and our staff is not not responsible for loss or damages to items left in the common areas.
  15. If you require a freight elevator for your photoshoot please note it is on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you need to reserve an elevator ahead of your shoot, please email us or contact us at least 48 hours prior to your photoshoot.
  16. The studio spaces cannot be used to film explicit content.
  17. For an event or audio recording, please email [email protected] directly as single studio room rental is for photo use only and does not guarantee audio sensitivity.
  18. Overhead lights will be turned on at dusk and turned off during daylight as a safety precaution.
  19. Please email [email protected] for any equipment related inquiries.