Modern Holiday

White Loft’s – Winter 2021

Of course no home celebrating the holidays would be complete without a tree; and so, Modern Holiday is adorned with a large decorated tree directly next to the mantle. Playing on tones of white, gold, and green, the Modern Holiday setup uses textures by the mantle and across the room on the bookshelf to bring holiday cheer all around!

Our personal favourite part may be the brass detailing that elevates the room into a more sophisticated feel. This is seen again in the white and gold glass ornaments on the tree. It’s Ashley and Lee’s attention to detail that makes a simple and minimalist design truly stand out. This inviting space has such a charm to it and serves as a canvas to create a wide assortment of photos during the holiday time.

Modern Holiday also comes equipped with various seating options from a velvet chaise lounge, fluffy white ottoman poufs, and even a full sectional, this space is prepared for your photoshoots, no matter how big or small your setup is.

We simply cannot wait to see the photos you create in our space!

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