A New Chapter Unfolds

The West Side Studio’s Captivating Makeover

We bid farewell to the classic grey walls that have adorned the West Side Studio, and in their place, we’ve embraced a stunning palette of pristine white. Walls and ceilings adorned in this ethereal hue breathe a fresh and airy vibe into the space, giving you the perfect blank canvas to paint your artistic visions.

But that’s not all! Prepare to be captivated by the sight of our beloved large arch, now adorned with a touch of elegance—a beautiful Sand lime wash. This subtle yet impactful upgrade sets the stage for your creative endeavours, creating a backdrop that speaks of sophistication and grace.

Our design journey doesn’t end there. As we traverse through the West Side Studio, our gaze falls upon the floors—the foundation upon which artistry takes root. With careful consideration, we’ve bestowed a breathtaking lighter wood finish upon them, intricately laid in a timeless herringbone pattern. A work of art in itself, the floor serves as a mesmerizing stage for your creativity to dance upon.

As you browse through this gallery of transformation, envision the endless possibilities that await you. Picture your art, your vision, your moments brought to life within these reimagined walls. We believe that every brushstroke, every frame, and every click of the shutter holds the promise of a captivating story—a story that will unfold within the West Side Studio’s warm embrace.

For those who have upcoming sessions booked, we offer you the opportunity to experience the magic of this makeover firsthand.

Our commitment to you, our cherished community, remains steadfast—to create an atmosphere where creativity thrives, where dreams are realized, and where memories are woven into timeless art. As the West Side Studio embarks on this captivating journey of metamorphosis, we eagerly await your arrival, your laughter, and your stories that will grace these walls.

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