Celebrating Love and Inclusivity

Erik and Robby’s Engagement Shoot

Nestled within our studio, the Lounge is a space designed to exude intimacy and elegance. With its soft, warm hues and carefully curated decor, the Lounge provided the perfect setting for capturing Erik and Robby’s most intimate and heartfelt moments. The couple’s love seemed to dance in the air as they embraced and shared tender moments against the backdrop of luxurious furnishings and artful details. Courtney Marie expertly captured the essence of their connection, their love radiating from each frame.

As the shoot transitioned to our breathtaking Solarium studio, Erik and Robby found themselves immersed in a whimsical oasis of lush greenery and cascading natural light. The Solarium, with its abundant foliage and sun-kissed atmosphere, served as a picturesque backdrop for their love to blossom. Court Marie Imaging skillfully captured the couple’s radiant energy as they explored the space, the lush foliage weaving a magical tapestry around them. The blend of nature’s beauty and their love created a truly enchanting atmosphere.

It comes as no surprise that the captivating images from Erik and Robby’s engagement shoot caught the attention of Love Inc. Magazine, a prestigious publication dedicated to celebrating all love stories. Their enchanting journey of love and beautifully documented moments were recognized and published, further amplifying the message of inclusivity, acceptance, and love. We are honoured to have played a part in Erik and Robby’s story, providing the perfect canvas for their love to shine.

Erik and Robby’s engagement shoot not only celebrates their love but also underscores the importance of embracing diversity and creating spaces that welcome and celebrate all couples. Our Lounge and Solarium studios were thoughtfully designed to provide an atmosphere that allows love to flourish. From the intimate ambiance of the Lounge to the whimsical nature of the Solarium, each space offers a unique backdrop that enhances the connection between couples. Erik and Robby’s story beautifully showcases the transformative power of these spaces, where love and inclusivity come together harmoniously.

Erik Soto and Robby Rams’ engagement shoot in our Lounge and Solarium studios is a celebration of love, inclusivity, and the power of capturing beautiful moments that transcend boundaries. Through the lens of Court Marie Imaging, their story comes alive, leaving a lasting impact on all who witness their love-filled journey. May Erik and Robby’s story inspire others to embrace their true selves, love fearlessly, and create a world where love knows no boundaries. At Mint Room Studios, we are honoured to provide spaces that embrace love, celebrate diversity, and capture the essence of each unique love story.

Love is love, and it deserves to be celebrated every day 🌈❤️

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